Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Come one! Come all!

We invite you to join us on September 29, 2013 between 3:00 and 5:00 pm to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Ridgewood Park. We are looking forward to an afternoon of family fun and refreshments!

Remember how busy build day was? Well, this will be a chance for us all to gather together  to enjoy a quiet moment in the peace garden or labyrinth, a friendly chat in the outdoor classroom, a fun game on the soccer field, or simply watch our children play on a structure that they could only dream of just one year ago.

We hope to see you all there!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


We are days away from the 1 year anniversary of Ridgewood Park! With the growth of our communities and our school, Acreman Elementary, we are hoping this celebration will bring everyone together for an afternoon of fun. Stay tuned for details regarding our celebration.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Looking Back...

It is hard to believe that 202 days have passed since our "Playground Build Day." The smiles seen and the spirit felt on that day continue to be seen and felt every time we pass the playground and see children and families gathering together there. Today is a day to look back and reflect. Tomorrow, April 20th, marks a special moment in the history of Acreman Elementary. It was on this date last year that the students and community members sat in anticipation waiting for the big news! "ACREMAN WON A PLAYGROUND AWARD!!!" Now, here we are, a year later, with so much more than a playground! Yes, we have an outdoor classroom, a peace garden, soccer field and labyrinth...but what we have, is more than that. It's the sense of unity, community spirit and the certainty that anything is possible if we work together!
Today, the day before the actual "Announcement Anniversary", students at Acreman will watch our Build Day video and be reminded of what an amazing day it was! Join us by clicking on the link below. It is sure to put a smile on your face.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Donation!!!

Over a 100 days since build day, yet we are still receiving donations from generous organizations. Thank you, Brian Mayne for your interest in our playground. Because of you, the CLAC (Christian Labor Association of Canada) has donated $1000 to the playground. THANK YOU!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy One Month Anniversary, Ridgewood Park!

Well, here we are, one month since our Extreme Play Yard Makeover and people are still smiling and talking about our wonderful day! The entire experience has ignited a fire and conversations are now about what to do next! Imagine....a shift from "how can we ever do it?" to "what can we do next?" Ridgewood Park has given us so much more than a place for our kids to play.

That is not the only change; a day at Acreman Elementary is also different now. Students and teachers are now able to go out to the playground during instructional time for scheduled gym classes or for unscheduled active living time. The outdoor classroom is also being utilized for a variety of purposes, some of which include music, science, and band practice. On a fine, sunny day, it is not unusual to have some of Acreman's students at the playground and another group at the outdoor classroom. Before you know it, the soccer field will also be ready for use. But for now, everyone is just glad to see the green grass growing on the field and in the peace garden.

Keep watching for recent photos!

Monday, October 8, 2012

BUILD DAY - September 29, 2012

What an amazing day! So many people gathered together to create our community gathering place. There were over 40 volunteers on site by 7 am! Throughout the day, we were fortunate enough to have over 350 adult volunteers and close to 100 children join us. Words cannot express our gratitude for the support and encouragement that you all gave.

All day volunteers were busy doing the task at hand, all the while smiling and doing it in the spirit of community. The mounds of peastone and topsoil disappeared almost miraculously. What started out looking like an impossible feat, actually ended up being completed ahead of schedule. People had to be encouraged to slow down. Unbelievable!

The feeling felt around the school yard was like nothing else. People are still talking about it a week later. Of course, everytime you drive by the playground and see children and families, you can't help but smile. We are confident that lives have been changed as a result of Acreman's Extreme Play Yard Makeover! Changed lives mean changed communities...Cavendish, Whiteway, Greens Hr., and Hopeall will be better places for our children to grow up in. Awesome!

Students are asking to go outside instead of asking if they can stay in. Everyone is being active and even smiling and laughing while doing so. They are having so much fun that they don't mind the exercise at all. While some were hesitant to use different things at first, they have gained the confidence and skills necessary. Some have even gained a few blisters :) It brings so much joy to watch them grow and learn.

The children are not the only ones to bring smiles to our faces: Moms, Dads, Grandpas, and Grandmas are all spending time together at Ridgewood Park. Conversations are taking place that would not otherwise be. People feel connected now and it is absolutely wonderful!

We have no doubt that the impact of this experience will be felt years from now. Everytime we think of September 29th, it will bring a smile and warm our hearts!

Creating a Labyrinth
Soccer field volunteers

Labyrinth almost done
Everyone likes to help out

Soccer Field Volunteers

Recycling helpers
One of our youngest volunteers!

Our Sign
Thank you for supporting us

Children waiting to run...
Waiting to run for it!!! SO EXCITING!!!
3-2-1- MOVE THAT BUS!!!!
Pure joy...
Waiting for group shot
Bob the Builder joined us

Soccer Field Complete

The last thing to put on...the slide

Registration Volunteers


R & R Kitchens
Outdoor Classroom Volunteers

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Complete

Peace Garden Area
Peace Garden Complete

Build Day Shuttle Service
Clowning Around

Our children thank you!
O`Brien`s Tech Team`s PLAYTIME!

Opening Ceremony

Volunteers of all ages came to help us.

Rosemary Whiteway helps unveil the Labyrinth Sign

Johanna Maulawin (Mrs. Maulawin`s daughter) and
 her nephew Joel help unveil the sign for the Outdoor Classroom

Stephanie, Brandon, Kristen & Kelsey (Craig Shute`s family)
help unveil the Soccer Field Sign

On behalf of our Veterans, Mr. Don Reid
helps unveil the Peace Garden sign.

Betsy Brett (Dr. Brett`s daughter) helps unveil the
Play Area Sign

Play Area Complete

What an amazing group of individuals!

Acreman`s Extreme Play Yard Makeover
September 29, 2012

Pre-Build Day #2


Thanks to many volunteers, day #2 was another success. Students were beside themselves with excitement as they watched the transformation take place. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Heroes

Our Outdoor Classroom is dedicated in honor of:


Born in the Philippines, Mrs. Cecilia Maulawin always had a passion for music and sharing her passion with those around her. In her small town of Pakil, Laguna, Mrs. Maulawin was very active in teaching music at the local schools, piano and voice lessons at home, as well as singing and playing the organ at the local church and community events. Such was the life she lived with her husband, four children, relatives and countless friends wherein music always wove itself into much of what she did. However, in early 1974 this life was disrupted when guerillas machine-gunned the Jeep that her husband and father were traveling in on their way home from the barrios. Fortunately, no one was fatally wounded. However, after her husband was shot, Mrs. Maulawin made the decision to travel far in hopes of finding a new home that would provide a better and safer life for her family.

Sitting in the immigration office in Manila, the interviewer questioned Cecilia why she wanted to go to Newfoundland. He told her of frozen rain that fell from the sky six months of the year; he told her that there were so many potholes that her false teeth would constantly fall out. However, this didn’t discourage her... and in November of 1974, Cecilia found herself in the beautiful, but cold community of Green’s Harbour.
For the first year, Cecilia lived in Newfoundland far from her beloved husband and children while preparations were being made for their arrival in the following years. The fears of being in a foreign land were soon mitigated with the overwhelming kindness she received from her fellow teachers and the community.
Cecilia taught at Acreman Elementary, Ridgewood Junior High, St. George’s  High School, and Woodland Elementary in the 18 years of her teaching career. She was always someone you could count on when you needed someone to sing or play at various local church services and weddings.
In 2009, Cecilia lost her beloved husband, Joe to cancer and in March of 2010 she suffered a stroke. She currently resides at Glenbrook Hospital in St. John's. With her unwavering spirit, Cecilia continues to thrive and is grateful for the continued support and friendship from the community she chose to call her new home many years ago. Being selected as a hero for the Acreman Elementary expansion reaffirms her decision of moving to Newfoundland. Her dedication and her hard work did not go unnoticed by the many lives she has touched and influenced in the community.

 Our Soccer Field is dedicated in honor of:

Craig Shute was a teacher here at Acreman Elementary for many years - over a decade actually. He specialized in math, science, and physical education.  He was a beloved teacher who truly had a special touch with the children. Craig was the type of educator who could balance teaching responsibilities, while aslo being a real buddy and friend to each and every student. He had a magical way of getting children to learn without them even realizing it.

As a colleague, Craig was loved by all. He was the life of the staff room and was always able to lift a person's spirits in any situation.

Craig was also a wonderful family man. He and his wife, Stephanie, had three beautiful and talented children. One son named Brandon, and twin girls, Kristen and Kelsey. Craig was always so proud of them and their accomplishments.

Along with family and teaching, Craig was heavily involved in volunteering for many, many years. Some examples of the many organizatiions that held a place in his heart are Canada Games Baseball, The Harbour Grace Boys Club, Young Canada Works Grant, and of course, Cee Bees Minor Hockey.

Craig loved hockey and he gave unselfishly to every aspect of it that he could. He always wanted to ensure that every child had the opportunity to join in, be accepted and have fun.
Cee Bees Minor Hockey even has an award in his name for Volunteer of the Year, as well as the Craig Shute Memorial U12 Female Invitational . He himself, won countless other awards and honors for his volunteerism and dedication.

Craig's teaching career lasted for 23 years. He spent his last few years working at Board office as Numeracy Support Teacher until May 31, 2010 when he suddenly passed away. He was only 47 years old at the time. Without a doubt, Mr. Craig Shute was an absolutely unforgettable and loved human being who left quite a distinct and deep impression on all who have had the pleasure of meeting him. He was very dedicated to the children and encouraged them both in school, and in their everyday activities, to be the best that they could be and to strive for their dreams.

Our Play Area is dedicated in honor of:


Dr. Frederick Brett was born on June 15, 1921 in Joe Batt's Arm on Fogo Island. At a time when it was not so common for people to move away from their little communities and their families, Fred was inpired to be a part of helping others, and sought his education to fulfill that dream. His original profession was actually that of a school teacher. It was during that time that he met Ruby Kelloway, a young lady from Bonavista, who was also studying to become a teacher. She became his wife in 1952, and before long, they started a family.After teaching for some time, Fred developed further ambitions, leading him to head off to University of Toronto to earn his medical degree. He returned to Newfoundlandfor his first posting: Green's Harbour. But he did not only serve this one community. He was the doctor for communities spanning from Cavendish to Hopeall, and sometimes beyond. Ruby cared not only for Fred and their growing family, but also helped him with his office work, so he could focus more on his work - the care of his patients and dispensing prescriptions Dr. Brett was always on duty– even during his off-hours. It was not unusual for him to spend part of his evening tending to at least one patient, either in his office, or on a house-call. If called late at night, he jumped up, dressed, grabbed his medical bag, and was gone. Sometimes, the patient he was visiting, or who visited him, was of the four-legged variety, as for many years, the nearest animal hospital was in St. John's. So Dr. Brett also acted as community veterinarian. But no matter who it was, human or animal, the priority was always the patient. And of course, as the small-town community doctor, many patients also became friends.

Dr. Brett was the doctor in Green's Harbour and area for 35 years, retiring to the family summer home in St. Philip's at the end of 1990, just a few months before his 70thbirthday. His beloved wife, Ruby, sadly died suddenly from a stroke, only 2 months later. He had lost his best friend of the previous 40+ years, and he seemed not to know quite know what to do for some time. However, he filled his remaining years reading, doing crossword puzzles, focusing on charities such as Foster Parent's Plan, attending church every single Sunday morning, taking long walks in the quiet of St. Philip's, making summer-long visits to his childhood home in Joe Batt's Arm, and during the rest of the year, making nightly visits to St. John's to see a re-found friend, Joyce. She had actually been his first girlfriend when he lived on Fogo Island so many years before. They re-united that first summer after he retired, just happening to meet up on his summer trip to Fogo.

At the end of 1996, Fred was in a minor car accident. He suffered a concussion, but seemed to recover well. Not long after, though, it was clear that he was not himself, and within a few months, the family knew that he had developed Alzheimer's Disease. This was, of course, very difficult for all to face, and especially Fred. Remember, he was a thinking man, and also being a medical man, he knew all-too well that Alzheimer's makes thinking clearly very difficult, until finally, in late stages, it becomes impossible. The family cared for him all they could through his last years, while suffering from this terrible disease, keeping him at home to the end, which came when he passed quietly away in June of 2002.

Our Peace Garden is dedicated in honor of our Veterans from the communities of Cavendish, Green's Harbour, Hopeall, & Whiteway.

Your service and sacrifice have allowed us the freedom we enjoy today.

Plemon George
Joseph Drover
Henry Charles Burgess
Alfred Pottle
William James Golden
Wilford Rowe
Clayton Rowe
Maxwell J. George
Allan Rowe
Douglas Palmer
Charles V. Jerrett
Charles H.W. Jerrett
Hubert Jackson
Wallace Jackson
Emily Jerrett
Harold Jackson

Wilson Rockwood
Maxwell Bishop
Jacob Jackson
Jesse Critch
Joseph Cull
Stanley Jackson
Norman Critch
Jethro Jackson
Charles Jackson
William Stevenson
Wesley Jackson

John L. Jerrett

Richard Jerrett
Walter Jackson
 Elim Jerrett
Albert Critch
Eleazer Jackson
Lee Gilbert
Eddie George
Donald Reid
Stephen Burt
Jesse Chislett
Stanley Jackson
Claude Smith
Charles Seaward

Alex Seaward
Ira Halfyard
Ambrose C. Rowe
Fred Coish
Reginakld Whiteway
Stephen Rowe
Douglas Rowe
Newman Gilbert
Corbet Pitcher
Clayton Rowe
Albert Hopkins
John Penney
Kenneth March
Howard March
Alfred Rowe
Ernest Rowe
Roland Bennett
Alex Ethridge
Selby Howell
 Max Brace
Ted Brace
Walter Rodgers
William Smith
Wilfred Simmons
Jack Cram
Max George
Jack Cooper
Matilda Brace
Elwood Reid
Robert Penney
Ebenezer Brace
Stanley Burt
William March
Nelson Harnum
Max March
Hayward Brace
Hayward Hillier
Josie Hillier
Bessie Hillier
Thomas Hillier
Jack Harnum
Herbert Green
Elwood Green
Harold March
Rita March
Bob March
John Engle

Mervin Chislett
Bob Green
George Green
George Howell
Don Reid
Edward Reid
Scott Critch
Calvin Cooper
Stanley Rowe
Claude Rowe
George Whiteway
Albert Critch

Colbourne Parsons
James N. Rowe
Todd Jackson
Brian Arthur Jackson
Christopher Todd Jackson
George Howell


Here are a few important details to help you prepare for the BIG DAY:

·         Don’t forget to check the tool list and bring whatever tools you can. There will be a table provided for you to label your tools in the event you do not have them labeled beforehand.

·         We are still in need of rocks for the labyrinth. If you are able to bring a medium sized rock and drop it off to the side of the school where the labyrinth is going, we would greatly appreciate it.

·         Parking will not be available at the school on the day of the build, due to safety concerns. However, we have made arrangements for parking at Needs (to the far side closest to the school), Glen Rowe’s Garage, Lew Reid’s Building (Former Cohen’s Store and Lew’s Garage), C.J’s Restaurant and Garage, to the side of the Fire Hall, and by the beach next to the Post Office. Of course, we can also park on the side of the road, as long as we don’t block anyone.

·         Due to the distance that some people will have to walk from the designated parking areas, a ‘Shuttle Service is being provided. Local volunteers will come and pick people up. However, if you are able to carpool or even walk to the school, it will cut down on congestion. Remember we are expecting over 300 people!!!

·         Those of you who have signed up to bring soup for lunch need to have it to the school by 11:00 as lunch begins at 11:30 am. The shuttle service can help with transporting it up to the school.

·         We are looking forward to our first ever Community Potluck involving the 4 communities. We are asking that potluck dishes be brought to the school between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. This will reduce the amount of food our kitchen volunteers have to deal with at one time. With Opening Ceremony scheduled to be over by 3:30, this allows plenty of time for people to go home and return for our big CELEBRATION SUPPER! What a great time to socialize and reflect on the amazing work and effort by all involved!

·         Please bring a reusable water bottle, clearly marked with your name, as water will be available throughout the day. This will help our efforts to take care of the environment.

·         Don’t forget that we will be broadcasting live all day. This means that family and friends from all over the world can tune in and watch us. There will also be a chat window for them to cheer us on. So spread the word, and let people know that the link is on our playground webpage or they can go directly to and click on live broadcast. The live broadcast will run from 9:00 am – 3:30/3:45 pm. 

·         There are a variety of children’s activities planned for the entire day, complete with yogurt tubes and cheese strings for recess, hot dogs or soup for lunch, and of course, potluck & pizza for supper. Families of children with allergies are being asked to be especially cautious around the food. While we have asked that there not be any fish, egg, or peanuts, we have no control over what is being brought to the school for this community event.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pre-Build Day #1

Pre-Build Day #1 was a huge success! People of all ages came to lend a hand. In fact, they worked so hard that Day 2 won't take as long as initially planned.
Students were smiling all day in anticipation of their new playground! Good times! As the bus pulled away from the school at 2:40pm, children were heard screaming out the windows, "Thank you! We love you!" to the volunteers. What powerful lessons we are teaching them as part of this process!

Morning of Pre-build Day 1
Taking inventory
So much stuff!
Iain from Paris Equipment keeping everyone on task.
Everyone helping out! Thank you so much!
The horizon will never be the same...thanks to all of YOU!!!
End of Pre-build Day #1
Soccer field fence posts are in!
"Just for you, Mr. Shute!"