Monday, May 21, 2012

Acreman - "That was my School!"

There is something to be said of the Acreman Elementary Spirit…anyone who ever attended Acreman will remember those early childhood school years and smile. There is a connection that exists between all who attended from the year it opened until now. That is where the idea of reaching all former students originated from. The idea was that if every former student and staff gave just $5, we would be that much closer to our goal. To reach out to former students, a Facebook Group, “Acreman Elementary – That Was My School,” was created. With 1030 members and donations of $760 to date, we are convinced that the spirit lives on. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Your gifts will make a huge impact!  

If your adult children attended Acreman, please let them know about this initiative. We realize that facebook reaches some but not all, so please help us spread the word. Help us rekindle that good ol' Acreman Spirit!!!