Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sky Family Concert Tickets

We are pleased to announce that the Sky Family Concert tickets are now available at Green's Drug Mart Green's Harbour, Drover's in Whiteway, and Nik Naks in Green's Harbour, as well as by contacting Cathy (582-2644) and Shirley (582-3446).  It's a show you won't want to miss! For more information, please see post below.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Thank you Cal LeGrow Foundation!

We are pleased to announce that the Cal LeGrow Foundation has approved our funding application for $2500! We are honored to be awarded and have no doubt that our communities and children will benefit greatly from such support. Thank you!

Friday, July 20, 2012


The Green’s Harbour Building Committee will be hosting a Penny Drive and Canadian Tire Money Drive on July 28th at the Greens Hr Lions Centre. Breakfast will also be available for anyone interested. It's $5 for 12 years and under and $7 for over 12 years. All money from the Breakfast will go towards the playground, thanks to the Green's Harbour Rec Committee and the Lions Club! These groups are taking care of the costs associated with the breakfast. Awesome! So…save your pennies, round up your Canadian Tire Money and prepare for the tastiest Penny Drive ever!

PLEASE NOTE: Build Day T-shirts will also be available for pre-ordering. Sample shirts will be available for sizing. The cost will be $10 with a portion going to our Playground Project. You won’t want to miss out on this great keepsake, while at the same time supporting our cause! For more information on T-shirts, please contact Patricia Whiteway (ianpwhiteway@persona.ca).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flea Market was a huge success!

Thanks to parents Falynn White and Jennifer George for taking initiative and planning such an event. It ended up being a bigger and better flea market than they had anticipated, and that's as a result of people like you coming together to help. Thanks to everyone who donated flea market items, baked goods, Canadian Tire Money, Pennies, and to Norm Brown for donating the Child Chair Set that tickets were sold on. Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way at the Whiteway Rec Centre to make this event a huge success! 

Financial report:
     $110.50 Penny Drive
     $178.00 from the tickets on the child's chair set 
     $1160.06 from the Flea Market and Bake Sale
     $134.30 in Canadian Tire Money

Outdoor Classroom Funding Approved!!!

Good News! We just received word that we have been awarded a $5000 grant from TD Bank -Friends of the Environment. This $5000 will enable us to build an outdoor classroom and include some native plants, shrubs and trees in our school yard. Thank you TD Canada Trust!

Drive Change with Kia

To quote the Kia site, "What is Drive Change? Drive. It´s the urge to push on. To think big. To be brave. It’s humble beginnings to endless horizons. It’s our inner fight. The desire to do what’s right. It’s a decision to go the distance. Change. It’s an inhalation. A new perspective. An innovation. It’s the birth of something brighter. Something stronger. Change makes us better. And it’s all around us. Drive and Change. Two words that mean even more when we put them together. It’s about each one of us taking the driver’s seat and becoming the change we want to see in the world. When we empower ourselves to Drive Change, there is a ripple effect that can move mountains and change lives. So why not join us on this journey?"

Do you ever feel like you can't really do much to help? Well, here is something that costs nothing and could make such a huge difference.....
Acreman's Playground Project was nominated with Drive Change with Kia and we need as many likes as we can get. Please click on the link below, "like" our project and then comment on the Kia page. We could win $10,000!!! C'mon and help us make a difference in our community! Help us drive change!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sky Family Concert


Have you ever wondered what you would have if you crossed the high intensity Irish step dance of River dance with great humor and fast paced Maritime fiddle music? Mix thoroughly, then blend in a perfect measure of Gospel seasoning and youd have The SKY Family from Prince Edward Island. Funny and inspiring are two adjectives that fittingly describe their high energy Celtic dance and Gospel production - CELTIC REVIVAL!. The show has toured full time for the last several years. They have recently returned from extensive travel throughout the US and Canada, from as far west as Edmonton, as far north as Slave Lake and as far south as San Antonio, Texas.
 The show currently on tour throughout the US and Canada will be performed at the Green’s Harbour Salvation Army on Saturday, August 18th, 2012. The production consists of rollicking fiddle music with songs rich in harmonies. Woven throughout are hilarious stories, skits and inspirational testimonies. It is great fun for the whole family. Little ones to grandparents and all ages between are equally engaged in the high-stepping dance and humorous antics.

Who is the Sky Family?
 They are actually just that - a real family. The group consists of dad, Tom, who plays lead guitar, fiddle and piano; sons Seth, on bass; Joel on lead fiddle, flute and saxophone; and Gabe as lead dancer, guitar and drums. Last, but certainly not least, is daughter, Miriam, who plays piano and dances a fine reel. All members contribute to the rich vocal harmonies and step dance. Hailing from the North shore of Prince Edward Island [10 minutes from Anne of Green Gables] they uniquely capture the Celtic influence of that region and now have the delight of sharing it with audiences from coast to coast. As a family, the children were homeschooled and on long winter nights honed their musical skills around the fire. The dance was added at a later date and has become the showpiece of their performance. For anyone interested in Celtic family entertainment it is a show you won’t want to miss!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

JULY 14th FUN!!!

There will be a Flea Market/Bake Sale/Penny Drive/Canadian Tire Money drop off at the Whiteway Recreation Centre on Saturday, July 14th. ALL proceeds go towards the Playground Project!! If you wish to donate items for the sale, please drop them off on the day of the flea market at 9:00 am. We are also accepting donations for the bake sale.  Please drop off labeled and priced baked items at 9:00 am as well. Our children are counting on us for a playground, so go through your closets and bake up some treats and let's give them the playground they deserve!! Thanks for your cooperation!


Saturday, July 7, 2012


The drive by the school will no longer be the same. Each time you pass, this sign makes you smile and want to be a kid again. It is a pleasant reminder that great things are going to happen...and they are going to happen because of each of YOU! In only 83 days, the sign will be replaced by a community gathering place where we will all come together with our family and friends. What a time it's going to be!

This eye-catching and heart moving sign was designed by former student Angela March, and installed by area resident Greg Crocker. Thank you so much for your in kind donation! Your support is greatly appreciated!


Buying or selling a house between now and Sept 30, 2012? Former Acreman Student Kent Green with Exit Realty has made an amazing offer; if you avail of his services and tell him you want to support the Acreman Playground, he will donate 50% of his profit to the playground. So, come on, give him a call!