Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drive Change with Kia

To quote the Kia site, "What is Drive Change? Drive. It´s the urge to push on. To think big. To be brave. It’s humble beginnings to endless horizons. It’s our inner fight. The desire to do what’s right. It’s a decision to go the distance. Change. It’s an inhalation. A new perspective. An innovation. It’s the birth of something brighter. Something stronger. Change makes us better. And it’s all around us. Drive and Change. Two words that mean even more when we put them together. It’s about each one of us taking the driver’s seat and becoming the change we want to see in the world. When we empower ourselves to Drive Change, there is a ripple effect that can move mountains and change lives. So why not join us on this journey?"

Do you ever feel like you can't really do much to help? Well, here is something that costs nothing and could make such a huge difference.....
Acreman's Playground Project was nominated with Drive Change with Kia and we need as many likes as we can get. Please click on the link below, "like" our project and then comment on the Kia page. We could win $10,000!!! C'mon and help us make a difference in our community! Help us drive change!