Monday, June 25, 2012


What better day for Ian Hill, Volunteer CEO of Let Them Be Kids, to visit our school than on Volunteer Appreciation Day! Mr. Hill and his daughter, Nadia, joined us for the Volunteer Appreciation Assembly, and after being presented with a gift on behalf of our communities, Ian stood to say a few words. Students, teachers, and volunteers were captivated by his inspirational message. He talked about how special each of us are and emphasized to the students how much they are loved by the people in our communities. He explained that people are giving of their time, talent, and treasure because they want them to have a future. He continued to say that there are 263 volunteers because everyone wants the best for them. He urged the students to show their gratitude by making something of themselves; by being the best they can be in whatever they do. What an impact was felt!

Mr. Hill then met with playground committee members and toured the property discussing the possibilities of an outdoor classroom, soccer field, peace garden, and of course, the playground. As the committee's coach, he offered guidance and direction with the total vision. It was a memorable day!