Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Mark your calendars! August 25th will be a Recycling Drive & Beer Bottle Drive in aid of Acreman’s Playground Project. Volunteers will be driving through our 4 communities (Hopeall, Green’s Hr., Whiteway, and Cavendish) picking up any Recyclables and/or Beer Bottles that you would like to donate. We would ask that you have them cleaned, bagged, and placed out by your door or at the end of your driveway where they will be easily spotted. This will eliminate the need to knock on people’s doors. Your anticipated support is greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that the MMSB provides schools with matching grants for the recyclables.

Please note: If you are able to help out with this endeavor please contact Jennifer Hillier at 582-2451. We need trucks, people to pick up and toss the bags in, and volunteers to clean the ones that require it at the Fire Hall in Green’s Harbour. Thank you so much.