Sunday, April 29, 2012


WOW! What an amazing afternoon of celebration! Many local people came to the school to sing and share their talent. It was wonderful to see over 200 people (including our school population) gather together to hear the big news! Guests from Eastern School District, MHA Charlene Johnson, and MP Scott Andrews showed their support by celebrating with us.  With the lights darkened and white gloves glowing, committee members took to the stage to make the announcement near the end of the program. As signs with white letters were lifted, audience members in anticipation shouted, “WE’VE………WON……..A……… PLAY………GROUND……….AWARD!”  It was a spectacular "blacklight" moment!  Seconds later, balloons drifted to the floor from the balloon drop as children screamed, cheered, and just yelled with excitement! After a few moments of cheering, the gymnasium regained order just in time to watch our LTBK Announcement Video. Emotions were soaring as those in attendance began to recognize the significance of the day. Cake and refreshments were a great ending to a great day!

Waiting in anticipation!
Former student - Kathy Stock
Former Student - Margie Higdon
Grandparent of a Grade 6 Student - Ann Thorne
Enjoying the talent
Parent of 2 Grade 5 Students - Judy Cumby
Listening so attentively.
Denise Critch & Francis Barrett
Ms. Stokes directing the School Choir.
A group of highschool students, 3 of which
are former Acreman Students -
Tyler Reid, Shane Barrett, Mackenzie Granter,
Lauren George, and Curtis Crocker

Balloon Drop!!!
Watching our Announcement Video from LTBK!
(Some of the) Playground Committee Members
Principal P. Collins Yetman, MHA Charlene Johnson,
MP Scott Andrews, and ESDNL SEO Ray Noel
Acreman's youngest student - Landon Trainor-Fowler
our oldest student - Dawson Jackson cut the cake.