Thursday, April 19, 2012


It is a dream come true for the Acreman Elementary Playground Committee and the four communities it represents!!! There has long been a need for a playground at our school and in our area, but thanks to "Let Them Be Kids", an organization who gives of their time, knowledge, and money, our dream is going to be a reality!

This National Award will give us the guidance and support necessary to take what we thought was next to impossible and turn it into a 5 MONTH project! Yes, in one day, on September 29th, everyone will come together for our Extreme Playground Makeover!

Let Them Be Kids has taken the time to make this wonderful video letting us know why out of hundreds of applicants, we were chosen. They share why they do what they do. You will see that the heart and soul of their organization is YOU the community. So watch the video and be inspired just as we are. Then ask youself "Do I want to be a part of the September 29th Extreme Playground Makeover at Acreman?" If the answer is yes, visit our Registration Page and sign up for Build Day updates and followups. We look forward to hearing from you!

                        OUR ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO!