Monday, October 8, 2012

BUILD DAY - September 29, 2012

What an amazing day! So many people gathered together to create our community gathering place. There were over 40 volunteers on site by 7 am! Throughout the day, we were fortunate enough to have over 350 adult volunteers and close to 100 children join us. Words cannot express our gratitude for the support and encouragement that you all gave.

All day volunteers were busy doing the task at hand, all the while smiling and doing it in the spirit of community. The mounds of peastone and topsoil disappeared almost miraculously. What started out looking like an impossible feat, actually ended up being completed ahead of schedule. People had to be encouraged to slow down. Unbelievable!

The feeling felt around the school yard was like nothing else. People are still talking about it a week later. Of course, everytime you drive by the playground and see children and families, you can't help but smile. We are confident that lives have been changed as a result of Acreman's Extreme Play Yard Makeover! Changed lives mean changed communities...Cavendish, Whiteway, Greens Hr., and Hopeall will be better places for our children to grow up in. Awesome!

Students are asking to go outside instead of asking if they can stay in. Everyone is being active and even smiling and laughing while doing so. They are having so much fun that they don't mind the exercise at all. While some were hesitant to use different things at first, they have gained the confidence and skills necessary. Some have even gained a few blisters :) It brings so much joy to watch them grow and learn.

The children are not the only ones to bring smiles to our faces: Moms, Dads, Grandpas, and Grandmas are all spending time together at Ridgewood Park. Conversations are taking place that would not otherwise be. People feel connected now and it is absolutely wonderful!

We have no doubt that the impact of this experience will be felt years from now. Everytime we think of September 29th, it will bring a smile and warm our hearts!

Creating a Labyrinth
Soccer field volunteers

Labyrinth almost done
Everyone likes to help out

Soccer Field Volunteers

Recycling helpers
One of our youngest volunteers!

Our Sign
Thank you for supporting us

Children waiting to run...
Waiting to run for it!!! SO EXCITING!!!
3-2-1- MOVE THAT BUS!!!!
Pure joy...
Waiting for group shot
Bob the Builder joined us

Soccer Field Complete

The last thing to put on...the slide

Registration Volunteers


R & R Kitchens
Outdoor Classroom Volunteers

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Complete

Peace Garden Area
Peace Garden Complete

Build Day Shuttle Service
Clowning Around

Our children thank you!
O`Brien`s Tech Team`s PLAYTIME!

Opening Ceremony

Volunteers of all ages came to help us.

Rosemary Whiteway helps unveil the Labyrinth Sign

Johanna Maulawin (Mrs. Maulawin`s daughter) and
 her nephew Joel help unveil the sign for the Outdoor Classroom

Stephanie, Brandon, Kristen & Kelsey (Craig Shute`s family)
help unveil the Soccer Field Sign

On behalf of our Veterans, Mr. Don Reid
helps unveil the Peace Garden sign.

Betsy Brett (Dr. Brett`s daughter) helps unveil the
Play Area Sign

Play Area Complete

What an amazing group of individuals!

Acreman`s Extreme Play Yard Makeover
September 29, 2012