Monday, October 1, 2012


Here are a few important details to help you prepare for the BIG DAY:

·         Don’t forget to check the tool list and bring whatever tools you can. There will be a table provided for you to label your tools in the event you do not have them labeled beforehand.

·         We are still in need of rocks for the labyrinth. If you are able to bring a medium sized rock and drop it off to the side of the school where the labyrinth is going, we would greatly appreciate it.

·         Parking will not be available at the school on the day of the build, due to safety concerns. However, we have made arrangements for parking at Needs (to the far side closest to the school), Glen Rowe’s Garage, Lew Reid’s Building (Former Cohen’s Store and Lew’s Garage), C.J’s Restaurant and Garage, to the side of the Fire Hall, and by the beach next to the Post Office. Of course, we can also park on the side of the road, as long as we don’t block anyone.

·         Due to the distance that some people will have to walk from the designated parking areas, a ‘Shuttle Service is being provided. Local volunteers will come and pick people up. However, if you are able to carpool or even walk to the school, it will cut down on congestion. Remember we are expecting over 300 people!!!

·         Those of you who have signed up to bring soup for lunch need to have it to the school by 11:00 as lunch begins at 11:30 am. The shuttle service can help with transporting it up to the school.

·         We are looking forward to our first ever Community Potluck involving the 4 communities. We are asking that potluck dishes be brought to the school between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. This will reduce the amount of food our kitchen volunteers have to deal with at one time. With Opening Ceremony scheduled to be over by 3:30, this allows plenty of time for people to go home and return for our big CELEBRATION SUPPER! What a great time to socialize and reflect on the amazing work and effort by all involved!

·         Please bring a reusable water bottle, clearly marked with your name, as water will be available throughout the day. This will help our efforts to take care of the environment.

·         Don’t forget that we will be broadcasting live all day. This means that family and friends from all over the world can tune in and watch us. There will also be a chat window for them to cheer us on. So spread the word, and let people know that the link is on our playground webpage or they can go directly to and click on live broadcast. The live broadcast will run from 9:00 am – 3:30/3:45 pm. 

·         There are a variety of children’s activities planned for the entire day, complete with yogurt tubes and cheese strings for recess, hot dogs or soup for lunch, and of course, potluck & pizza for supper. Families of children with allergies are being asked to be especially cautious around the food. While we have asked that there not be any fish, egg, or peanuts, we have no control over what is being brought to the school for this community event.