Friday, September 28, 2012

Pre-Build Day #1

Pre-Build Day #1 was a huge success! People of all ages came to lend a hand. In fact, they worked so hard that Day 2 won't take as long as initially planned.
Students were smiling all day in anticipation of their new playground! Good times! As the bus pulled away from the school at 2:40pm, children were heard screaming out the windows, "Thank you! We love you!" to the volunteers. What powerful lessons we are teaching them as part of this process!

Morning of Pre-build Day 1
Taking inventory
So much stuff!
Iain from Paris Equipment keeping everyone on task.
Everyone helping out! Thank you so much!
The horizon will never be the same...thanks to all of YOU!!!
End of Pre-build Day #1
Soccer field fence posts are in!
"Just for you, Mr. Shute!"