Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So, you weren't pleased when you found out you have to work on September 29th. Well, no fear...you can still be a very big part of this amazing project! You see, we need 8-10 volunteers for the Thursday and Friday before the build day of September 29th. The LTBK equipment supervisor from Paris Equipment, the team leader, and a welder will need help placing equipment in preparation for Saturday. So, we need people who are capable of lifting 50 lbs. and who are as passionate about making this happen as we are.

Perhaps you are planning on coming on Build Day, but wouldn't mind also giving of your time on the days prior to that. By all means, contact us to let us know. These prep days are crucial to making our Extreme Play Yard Makeover a success!

We need your help!!! Email acremanltbk@gmail.com or contact any committee member. Thank you!