Saturday, September 1, 2012

Introducing......"Ridgewood Park!"

After much thought and many discussions, we are pleased to say we have finally come to a decision regarding the naming of our park. "Ridgewood Park" seems fitting, not only because the playground will exist where Ridgewood Jr. High once did, but because it symbolizes so much more. Although Ridgewood closed and was torn down leaving many of us feeling empty and hopeless, it will now be replaced with joy and laughter; a place that will always remind us that dreams CAN come true! It is symbolic of the fact that no matter what adversity comes, or how bad the economic situation may get, there is always hope. There is always a means to rebuild. Ridgewood Park will represent rebirth on so many levels. We are excited! Aren't you? But wait....that's not all!!!

One of the criteria of the Let Them Be Kids Award is that the playground be dedicated to a hero/heroes from our communities. This hero should be someone who has made personal sacrifices which have made life better for us, our community, and our country. The hero could be a Member of the Military, a First Responder, or a community member who has made sacrifices and has gone above and beyond what was expected of him/her in community life. In dedicating our playground, we recognize this person's values, commitment and sacrifice. This person's actions provide direction in our lives and more importantly, in the lives of our children. They are an example of values we should all strive towards.

So....we are pleased to tell you that each aspect of our Playground Project will be dedicated in honor of the following heroes.

  • The Playground area itself will be dedicated in honor of Dr. Fredrick Brett. As the only doctor here for many years, he was the first responder for the people of our communities. He was always available and responded whenever he was needed. His personal sacrifices certainly made life better for us.

  • The Soccer Field will be dedicated in honor of Mr. Craig Shute, a former Acreman Phys. Ed. teacher, who suddenly passed away May 2010. Craig had a passion for youth and physical activity, and always went above and beyond the call of duty. The impact of his life will be felt in our communities for years to come.

  • The Peace Garden will be dedicated to All Members of the Military from our 4 communities. Their service and sacrifice have allowed us the freedom we enjoy today. Lest we forget.

  • The Outdoor Classroom will be dedicated to former Music teacher, Mrs. Cecilia Maulawin. In 1974, there was a shortage of music teachers, and Mrs. Maulawin decided to leave her home country (the Philippines) and move to Newfoundland in an attempt to make a better life for her and her family. While she taught music in the local schools for many years, she also taught private lessons and played in the local churches. Her community spirit and sacrifice are values we hope to pass on to our children.

More biographical information on our heroes coming soon!