Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy One Month Anniversary, Ridgewood Park!

Well, here we are, one month since our Extreme Play Yard Makeover and people are still smiling and talking about our wonderful day! The entire experience has ignited a fire and conversations are now about what to do next! Imagine....a shift from "how can we ever do it?" to "what can we do next?" Ridgewood Park has given us so much more than a place for our kids to play.

That is not the only change; a day at Acreman Elementary is also different now. Students and teachers are now able to go out to the playground during instructional time for scheduled gym classes or for unscheduled active living time. The outdoor classroom is also being utilized for a variety of purposes, some of which include music, science, and band practice. On a fine, sunny day, it is not unusual to have some of Acreman's students at the playground and another group at the outdoor classroom. Before you know it, the soccer field will also be ready for use. But for now, everyone is just glad to see the green grass growing on the field and in the peace garden.

Keep watching for recent photos!